Some Midnight Dates

This story revolves around friendship, love, conspiracy, sadness, separation and rebond. The two main characters of this story are Diksha and Rishabh. Diksha is emotional but at the same time rational kind of girl. She was in love but unaware of that. Rishabh is a simple, straightforward guy and he was in love with Diksha but could not tell her. When Diksha realizes that she is in love with Rishabh, it was too late and she walked away from his life. Rishabh searched her a lot……Now you read the book to find out the climax.

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Vivek Barnwal

5.0 out of 5 starsIntresting Novel..!Reviewed in India on 12 October 2019Some midnight dates, the title really suits on story.
A story was about friendship, fight, jealousy and love.
The story was always around ‘Dikhsha'(my favorite character) and ‘Rishabh’ and some of their friends.. Diksha and Rishabh, whenever the couple had some moment together then they tried it to be memorable and ‘midnight date’ came as a result of having a great time..
As i started to read i didn’t feel that this story would be that much of interesting but i loved it.. One should read it for sure.❤️

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